Friday, February 22, 2008

Bahama mama

These couple of weeks have been tough on me. Since I decided to keep my personal and business lives totally separated, I will not elaborate on it, maybe I will do so in 2017, but not now.
However I decided, impromptu, to take a vacation with my family and go to the Bahamas. Someone had recommended me a resort in Paradise Island, near Nassau, called Atlantis and so far, it has been no disappointment, despite the $600 a night. It is the right place to relax, you do not have to leave the compound for an entire week, it's a hotel, aquarium, waterpark and tropical beach in a single location.
The Bahamas is a funny place. This former Spanish territory discovered by Colombus in his first trip is now a predominantly black nation. The Spaniards eradicated the local tribes, the Lucayans, through slavery and disease, and left the islands practically uninhabited. As usual, about 150 later, the British took them over. I have been in many countries in 5 continents (I should say 6, since the Americans consider North and South America as two different continents), but I never went thorough Immigration and Customs with a live Reggae band playing in the background.
As I said, my kids loved the place, the water slides ending through the sting ray and shark filled pools are a real hit and the half and hour rapids are a lot of fun. To tell you the truth, personally I prefer the Costa Brava, where the food is 100 times better or a 10 dollar a night Kampung type of hotel in the Riau archipelago (Indonesian islands in the Malaka strait), but an upscale vacation from time to time is not bad either if you can afford it. I will consider it, a birthday present, because, yes, today February 22nd 2008, is my birthday (same birth date as George Washington) and I am celebrating it drinking a Bahama Mama at the pool while listening to, of course, a live reggae band and typing on my laptop. And what about Catalonia, OK, OK, my Bahama Mama had a good shot of Bacardí rum, a real good one, and the founder of the Bacardí dynasty was born in Sitges (Barcelona). Unfortunately, no one knows about it (but me) and they all make him Italian and pronounce it as Bacàrdi. Again, no pride, no "cojones"!!!

Note: the pictures are not catalog pics, I took them.


Johnny Tastavins said...

Again happy birthday Ian! Hope you enjoyed your holidays. And about Bacardí, don't worry, it's not necessary to go to places so far as Bahamas. In Andalucia, Málaga, they also feel themselves very international spelling Bacàrdi. When I told them that Facund Bacardí, catalan from Sitges was the founder and creator of the company they didn't believe me. Fortunately, in the back sticker, the Bahamas company has enough "cojones" to accentuate Bacardí on the "i" letter. They became convinced. Just a little victory.

See you very soon.

designkat said...

Hello Ian,

I'm glad I found your blog. I am an American of Catalan, Italian, and Asturian descent, and am very involved in keeping up with what happens in Catalunya. I too would like to see a free Catalunya and see the need for a Catalan leadership that will stand up for the catalan people with dignity and confidence while at the same time being respectful of all people within its' borders regardless of origin. I'm still wet behind the ears in regards to Catalunya as a whole, so please understand I might put my foot in my mouth from time to time, but I would like to follow your blog and post comments here and there if you don't mind.

I si, jo parlo catala, ja que-estic aprenent fan uns 3 anys. Em fa molta ilusio connectar amb la meva historia catalana.


ian llorens said...

I am sorry to disappoint you but I just bought a bottle of Bacardí in Massachusetts and there is no accented i anywhere to be found and even the signature of FacundO, yes with an O, Bacardi lacks the accent.
Anyway, I have edited the Wikipedia to fairly relect his origins.
And by the way, Johnny, I am looking forward to having dinner together this Friday in Barcelona.

Welcome to my blog. It is encouraging to find an American of Catalan origin who has not lost his/her links to our land.
I am also for Catalonia's independence, but not with the bunch of dickhead politicians we have now. They are really a shame, even worse than George W.

Johnny Tastavins said...

You are always welcome to your country. See you tonight.

Erik Wirdheim said...

Hi Ian,

I am Erik and I live in Catalonia with my family. Now during the election campaign I have tried to map the Catalan political landscape a bit, but am a bit disappointed with the response from the local politicians. Some of them have found my links to them, but not taken the time to comment. That is why I now try my luck on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks in advance,


ian llorens said...

I am not a politician, just a businessman, although I do not rule out becoming one, if I ever go back to Catalonia.
Ther reason why Catalan politicians did not comment on your blog is simple, the vast majority do not have a good command of English and they do not even understand what we post. Mediocrity in the Catalan and Spanish landscape is the rule among politicians.
I am now at BCN airport about to depart for USA, I came here for a day. I had "calçotada" abstinence syndrome.
I will add a link to your site next week.

arachesostufo said...

happy birthday dall'italia. ciao

Anonymous said...

I am a writer looking for people to interview for a book I'm writing on Catalonia in the late 60s and early 70s. I am particularly concerned with the beginnings of the Catalonian independence movement and the conflicts this caused with Francoists. I was actually living part-time in Catalonia from 1969 to 1973, and have very clear memories of that time, but young enough not to have a real understanding of the political context in which I was living. I have been reading your website, and wonder if you would be willing to correspond with me.
Thanks. Please let me know if you would be willing to correspond. I can be reached at

ian llorens said...

I am willing to correspond, no problem. However I was a child during the 60s and early 70s, so I do not know whether I can be of much help.
my email:

bathmate said...

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