Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama, my president

I landed in Ohio two hours ago and I rushed to the hotel. I arrived in my room and tuned one of the networks. It was 10.50 and Obama was leading. At 11pm, 5 minutes ago, the networks have called for Obama winning the presidential race. I have tears in my eyes. This was my first presidential election as a US citizen. When this morning I was driving to my town high school to cast my vote, I could not stop thinking about the old "La trinca" song "For the first time" (Me la busco i valga'm Deu, no me la trobo).
I voted Obama, even though I am a Republican. I would have gladly voted for McCain, had George W Bush not existed and would have he not chosen Sarah Palin to appease the far right. I am financially conservative, I support small government, low taxes, policies which support growth and limit protectionism.
But I am socially quasi-liberal (very liberal in USA): I am pro-choice, I am pro-gay marriage (though I oppose gay adoptions for two reasons, if they choose same sex relationships they should live with the anatomic consequences of that, and I think that a child has the right to be raised by a standard family) and I am pro universal healthcare (privately managed and privately funded, except for low income people who should still have the same type of coverage, but subsidized by government).
Clearly McCain was a better fit for me, but I gladly voted for Obama and experimented a special pleasure when I introduced the ballot in the voting machine, much more pleasure than in the previous 20 over years voting for Convergencia i Unio.
I was voting for the first black president (mixed race for me), I was combating the Bradley effect, I was contributing to stopping the war in Iraq, I was sending a message to the world that we finally understood that having an IDIOT as president cannot be tolerated. I hope that the two other IDIOTS, Zapatero and Montilla, will follow soon Bush's trail.
I have tears in my eyes (I just listened to McCain conceding speech and Obama's victory speech. I am really happy for Obama, for USA and for the world. I love Michelle Obama, she is great, she is as talented as Barack or more. The Bradley effect has been defeated.

Unfortunately, the Roca-Junyent effect, a theory that proposes that some voters tend to tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for a Catalan candidate, and yet, on election day, vote for non-Catalan opponent, is still there.
I have seen a Black president in USA. I will never see a Catalan president in Spain.

La Trinca - Per primer cop (For the first time)
És avui quan ho faré,
per primer cop
perquè un dia és un dia
o ara o mai
que en tingui necessitats
és llei de vida i també el cos m'ho demana,
què carai!
quan arribo ja m'ho han dit,
hi ha gent fent cua,
acotat demano tanda
per entrar a la cua
n'hi veig molts que dissimulen
però hi ha alguns que ja la tenen a la mà
després d'esperar-megairebé mitja hora
em diuen que passi
a un apartament
i allà es troba ella
tota seductora
que sembla esperar-me temptadorament
me la busco...i valga'm déu!
no me la trobu...
ja la tinc! ja me le tret
quina emoció...
serà cosa de posar-la a l'orifici
i em preparo a efectuar la introducció
tota a dins li faig entrar!
no toco vores i així l'acte finalment
ja he consumat
dins de l'urna ja he ficat...la papereta
ja he votat per primer cop... ja he votat!!!


trevor said...

What Catalan's going to want to be Spanish prime minister when he/she can earn twice as much governing Cataloonia?

ian llorens said...

Only undeserving Catalans and wicked Irish would think that way.

Johnny Tastavins said...

It's evident that mankind comes from potato, isn't it Ian? La Trinca forever!!

Nuri said...

There's a tribe of indians in the American far West somewhat related to catalans, maybe you can visit them now XD

ian llorens said...

But nothing like a "non pee related morning erection"

catalonia blog said...

Ian - slightly off subject. Any chance of a link exchange with a similar themed blog?
Catalonia blog

Can't seem to find any contact details.

Agus said...

Us heu enterat del que diu de Catalunya The Economist?

Jo ja n'estic fins als ous de la merda que diuen de nosaltres Air Berlin, The Guardian i ara The Economist.

Es foten tota la merda que llegeixen a El Mundo, La Razón i El País i no es molesten a contrastar res.

N'estic fins al capdamunt, ens hem de moure d'una puta vegada això ja no es pot tolerar més.

ian llorens said...

Paraphasing Salvador Dali:
Let people talk about Catalonia, even if they say nice things.

Agus said...

I don't agree.

Agus said...

El problema ve de dins, com sempre: http://www.vilaweb.cat/www/mailobert?id=3062775 .

Rab said...


The "journalist" from The Economist is a guy who specialises in Latin America and with zero knowledge of Spanish politics, as it has been shown.

He went to Madrid, and was dined and wined by the usual suspects (FAES, El Mundo, PSOE, El Pais, etc) and what has come out, shock!, is a translation in English of the usual dross that comes out of the Spanish media. We should not be surprised by that.

If you look for the report on Belgium, they wrote "states come and go". Not much for consistency.

What we need to do is to get ERC, CiU, and others to start translating their policy documents into English so at least these lazy journos don't have an excuse not to check their sources.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how ignorant and easily manipulated foreign journalists are concerning Spain. It is comparable to the world getting all its' news about the United States solely from FOX News. I think you might get a skewed image of the U.S., don't you?

UnHab said...

Maybe you ca be the first Catalonian-American PM of Spain? I'd vote for you!

xiKkeT said...

Just out of curiosity... I'd like to know what exactly you think is a 'standard family'. I think someone should be able to be a parent according the to their parenting capacities/skills rather than their anatomic abilities to have a child. If that were the main criteria single parents and infertile couples wouldn't be able to adopt either. I don't have a say as to whether or not you were able to have a child so I don't see why you should have the right to do so the other way around... Other than that, this is one of the very few blogs I read somewhat regularly and actually enjoy.

ian llorens said...

Call me old fashioned, but for me, a standard family is formed by a male father and a female mother who love each other and love their children. I am sure that there are many homosexual couples who are or can be good parents (I know several lesbian couples who seem to be great mothers), I do not have doubts about it, but the weakest link in this equation is the child and I am sure that statistically, children without parents would prefer to have the kind of old fashioned family I just described and our focus should be on the children.

ian llorens said...

Sorry, I meant xiKkeT, you have a difficult nickname, it is more like a password, uppercase, lower case.

Elmander de la tele said...